Where to Next For GHD, The Hair and Beauty Super Brand?


Exactly like Coke and Hoover (or Fig Dyson), the newest of GHD is now synonymous with porcelain hair sprays inside the UK. The newest is fairly just a contemporary retail occurrence and also the GHD IV Styler may be your must have accessory for every single budding fashionista out of London to Inverness.

GHD is actually a comparatively young brand, starting at the conclusion of this century once we were still on a return from the century and worry about the millennium bug crashing our airplanes, or emptying our Bank accounts.

Hair leytonstone salon dressers were initially uncertain about if customers would spend the #70 for its irons that are new, but once these were placed in to the hands of several actors about the London fashion circuit that the buzz spread like wildfire.

And never without justification. Unlike lots of ‘next big things’ from the hair and beauty industry GHD straighteners dwelt up into the hype and changed the lifestyles of countless of ladies while in the UK, that for the very first time can make poker-straight hair at the convenience of their home. GHD was meeting their promise of a conclusion to bad hair days for ever.

Fastforward to 2009 and GHDs are very popular as of late, retailing for up anything to #130 currently available in a range of designs and colours. Besides this traditional dark stylers, GHD regularly run limited variations, for example as for instance 2008’s purple present collection and the ‘Hot Pink’ styler, which as 2005 was published each October in service of their Breast Cancer awareness effort.

Alas the accomplishment of this new has brought a high number of ‘fraudsters’, excited to hop onto the GHD bandwagon. Fa-Ke GHD stylers are frequently seen retailing online at less than #60 online internet sites like eBay and have found their way on the top street in highprofile stores like Superdrug.

Fa-Ke GHDs aren’t ensured by GHD and might be low quality, and sometimes maybe dangerous. Genuine GHD straighteners are simply sold through lotions and approved on the web stores.


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