RockFree Game Review


Last week, Mabel Games review the following rock game that’s made by Acclaim, a very well known game company which has a lengthy history in the gaming world. But to find it at Facebook is pretty surprising. We actually have a little bit of our time to find out exactly what Acclaim has to offer to the Facebook community they have offered to the gaming world for years.

RockFree is only yet another normal music game which you may see in Facebook like Guitar God, however that which makes it stands out among so many that I have experienced is that the songs that it’s provided. Over 500 over songs from real artist which most rockers out there should at the least heard about them.

The game started quite simple really. Create your character¬† and you’ll certainly be jumping into your own club. From that point you may begin your rock career. Players may also add within their group for this particular game by inviting their friends along for the ride. This match is crucial for people who have friends who love rock music.

Once you’re finished, the match will provide you with a set of songs that you could play, a few are super easy while some are really hard. Practice is advocated if players want to try something faster and harder songs. Player may also upload the songs they wish to play with.

The game is rather simple indeed, follow the tempo and just hit the keypad into the matching gem which falls from the surface of the screen. If players get it properly and make a few perfect hits, players may hear their fans float at the backdrop. Special bonus manner is additionally offer during the match by hitting on a certain amount of perfect hits. This will definitely increase players score to the songs they played with.

After a couple of rounds into the game, player can sometimes get a invitation from different players to either play or challenge them in songs. I would strongly urge any players that play this match to do so. This is where the other 50% this match really comes from enjoyable because you’ll either be put head to head with another player or play along with them. The game provides players using a point where the match camera will drag or divide the screen based on the way the music go. You will really see the wonders of playing with another player and find out how good their skills will be.

The match is scored by just how good you play with and just how much buffs you can draw really. This match is rather easy to score and within just 30 minutes, then I had been able to degree up to 4 levels.

Players can also elect to customize their players look if they achieved enough cash or fans after some rounds over the point.

Not really the best I found from Facebook Flash Games, but the themes really matches the environment nicely. Love the way the developers do with the camera angle changes and the way the players’ avatars react specially when using perfect finish.

This might be the most effective part of the match. RockFree has more than 500 plus music in this particular game and counting. Players may definitely sit back and love playing with the music that they want to play whenever they reach high degree. The best rock celebrity can be included into the song list and thanks to the programmers is not one apart from Acclaim, players are rest assured that each one of the songs they provided are supreme quality and wanted by fans themselves.

This match is a real must for many stone players around there! Although some songs maybe tough to play at first, but practice makes perfect. All in all, there’s one big problem with the game. I do believe it is times it is very hard to load it or during an conclusion of a particular songs I could possibly become disconnected. I figure that something related to my bandwidth just the server maybe overloaded.

I give this game 4 out of 5, let’s Rock people!

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