Useful Information About Tea


Tea is drunk in several more states than any other beverage. It is one of the most popular drinks today. Little wonder it is well known as “the cup that cheers.”

The yearly worldwide production of dried tea leaves is over 2.6 billion kilograms. India is among the top tea producers offering 720 million kilograms annually. Other countries that produce tea are Kenya, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. China is a major manufacturer of green tea. The principal types of tea available now are black, green, white, and oolong. The only big difference between them is the way they’re tea powder,

The tea tree oil is an evergreen plant with small, white, sweet smelling flowers. Grown on mountain slopes on tea estates, its botanical name is still “Camellia sinensis.” In about four to five years the tea tree produces a ? flush? Or a growth of fresh shoots with many leaves and a weed, which are picked manually. Approximately 18 kilograms of tea leaves could be harvested aday to produce about 4.5 kilograms of manufactured tea.

Tea is rated based on the magnitude of the leaves, that has nothing to do with the quality of the green tea. The broken or smaller leaves are used in tea bags. Each tea company has tea tasters who select only specific teas.

Tea has a colorful history. It was supposed to have already been detected by Emperor Shennong of all China in approximately 2737 B.C.. It finds its mention in Chinese approximately 350 A.D.. In Japan, tea drinking has been raised to a full-fledged ceremony by 600 A.D.. From 1657, it was being sold at English coffee houses. 1773 was the year of the famous Boston Tea Party.

Today tea is a favorite beverage around the globe. The state minding the most tea is the UK, using a total of about 180 million kilograms per year. It’s been calculated that the British drink 3.2 kilograms of tea per person every year. Australians and New Zealanders are also terrific tea-drinkers and each individual would, in the average, be drinking around 1.4 kilograms of tea yearly. Special kinds of tea may also be gaining earth; the market is expanding and provides a better choice to the user. It truly may be the cup that warms a great deal of hearts all over the world!

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